RE:SONAR 01 / Navid Razavi

How can you make the sensations of plants come alive? And what does a plant sound like? How would a world be designed in which technology can be used to create a dialogue between people and plants, and how would plants create artistic works if they were given the freedom and control to create their …


Destruction as a raw material for art.

#VanlifeTheGoodLife // Karen Eliot

Through her fake vanlife account, Karen Eliot is shaking up the scene and questioning current escapism trends dipped in pale beige with a touch of light blue


– a study on surface Lotus Effect is an on-going study of found footage videos that investigates the recent events in Iran and the context of Jin Jiyan Azadi. The artist wants to stay anonymous.

HUMAN LEGACY // Stefan Auf Der Maur

With almost every purchase you receive a thin plastic bag. These rustling bags have become a symbol of our throwaway society. Because the bags are so light, they can be found scattered all over the landscape by the wind…

Thank You America // Badr Kamoona

Badr Kamoona ist ein irakisch-stämmiger Künstler, der sich in seinen Videoarbeiten und Performances unter anderem mit dem Thema Krieg auseinandersetzt.